Marian Cizmarik

MARIAN CIZMARIK is a painter and creator of a fine arts and objects from Slovakia.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia), Academy of Pietro di Belle Vannuccci of Perugia (Italy) and Paris (France), and is a member of the Slovak Union of the Visual Arts.

Marian devoted his art creation to small and monumental painting, and additionaly to creating objects of metal and wood for implementation in interior and exterior. He participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad (Vienna / Austria, St. Pölten, Aachen, Munich / Germany, Virginia / USA, Nowy Targ / Poland), and conducted separate implementation in Slovak Olympic houses (Nagano 1998, Sydney 2000, Salt Lake Sity 2002 Seoul 1999) and others.

Marian Cizmarik who voluntarily accepted a position solitaire, creates various series of a deeply coherent work. His incentives, stemming from the deep genesis of a humanity, provides him with ample sources for an inspiration. Traditions not only from the Slovakian culture, but also from the entire cultural history of a mankind, aesthetics and overall human values play an important role in all of his art creations.


For more information: cizmarik.marian@centrum.sk